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The Personal exhibition of Ivan Didyk
Date pub: 02.06.2011 13:20

  On May, 31 in a gallery "Uzhgorod" the  personal exhibition of the Transcarpathian artist Ivan Didyk was opened, due to the occasion of.....

The Retrospective exhibition of pictures of Andriy Kotska
Date pub: 28.05.2011 17:52

  On Thursday, May, 27th in Uzhgorod, in the Transcarpathian Artistic museum of Y. Bokshay the retrospective exhibition of pictures of  Andriy Kotska  was opened, devoted to the 100 years from the day of.....

Modern Art Days “Recedyv” In Uzhgorod
Date pub: 27.05.2011 16:10

In Uzhgorod on May, 24th the Modern Art exhibition began to work.

The programme:..........

Exhibition of Ludmila Korzh-Radko
Date pub: 11.05.2011 23:45

 In the "Uzhgorod" gallery opened an exhibition of Ludmila Korzh-Radko. The exhibition is dedicated to......

Palette of Anton Kashshay
Date pub: 03.05.2011 23:24

 Anton Кashay was an incredible artist. He inspired the others with the energy and optimism. In the circle of contemporaries he was......

Exhibition "KONCEPT"
Date pub: 22.04.2011 11:43

  On April 21st in the "Uzhgorod" gallery opened an art exhibition "KONCEPT", an exhibition of conceptual art of....

Art of Roman Romanyshyn
Date pub: 16.04.2011 16:42

  We can talk a lot about the art of Roman Romanyshyn, but it is better to see once. At this time Roman has brought the exhibition to.....

Graphic Transcarpathia 2011
Date pub: 07.04.2011 20:04

  For the popularization of graphic arts in Transcarpathia graphics section of NUAU in 2007 initiated the regional exhibition - "Graphic Transcarpathia".

  So this year on Thursday April 7th in the gallery "Uzhgorod" opened......

Tapestry by Margaret Berets.
Date pub: 27.03.2011 15:42

 In the gallery "Uzhgorod" opened an exhibition of Margaret Berets. The exhibition is dedicated to 55-year anniversary of Margaret.

 The exhibition will last until April 10th, 2011.

"Sensations in nude style" by Sergey Enenko.
Date pub: 26.03.2011 22:49

  During the festival "March Cats 2011" on march 25 at the "ART-plus  gallery opened an exhibition "Sensations in nude style" by the famous photographer Sergey Enenko.