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Christmas art exhibition.
Date pub: 27.12.2011 20:42

  In the gallery "Uzhgorod" the traditional annual Christmas exhibition was
opened. The works of more than twenty artists are presented there.

The exhibition of The Young Transcarpatian Union of Artists
Date pub: 13.12.2011 23:38

   In the "Uzhgorod" gallery an exhibition of young artists including 21 member of The Young Transcarpatian Artist Union that functions under the Transcarpathian National Union of Artists of Ukraine was opened.

Binding. The exhibition of Sergiy Biba
Date pub: 08.12.2011 22:48

  On the November 18, in the gallery "Uzhgorod", an exhibition of the uzhgorod artist Sergiy Biba was opened, dedicated to his 45th birthday. The author is known not only in Transcarpathia and Ukraine but also abroad.

Geometry Of Vasil Sochka
Date pub: 01.11.2011 18:50

  Works of the artist Vasyl Sochka immediately impress with their unexpected presence, but if you come closer – you’ll see that they absorb all the attention, let themselves in and leave a strange feeling opposite to something rare, a special harmony of transformations and metamorphoses.

“Tracks” The Personal Exhibition of Vasyl Sochka
Date pub: 20.09.2011 14:28

  In a gallery "Uzhgorod" the personal exhibition of Vasyl Sochka "Tracks" was opened.
This exhibition is devoted to the anniversary of artist’s birthday – 60 years, and this is the first personal exhibition in Vasyl’s life.

Date pub: 10.09.2011 20:17

 On 9th of September in the gallery "АRТ plus" an exhibition “FLORA VITA” was opened, presenting the section of painting of youth association of union artists of Ukraine.

 “FLORA VITA” (Flower of life), presents pictures that show different forms and refinement of flowers. This exhibition is summer-breathing in cold autumn days, nostalgia after sunny days and summer colors.

65th anniversary of the Transcarpathian Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Date pub: 21.08.2011 19:16

  The Transcarpathian Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine has arrived at its 65th anniversary, and with it a good opportunity has presented itself to glance back at the past, to look more intensely at the present and to try to peer into the future, which as is known, stems from the.....

The Personal exhibition of Tetyana Sopilnyak
Date pub: 28.07.2011 8:28

On July, 22nd in the "Uzhgorod" gallery the opening of the personal exhibition of Tetyana Sopilnyak  took place

The exhibition "MOTHER OF GOD”
Date pub: 14.07.2011 19:40

 On July, 7, 2011 in the large hall of the Transcarpathian Regional Artistic Museum of Y. Bokshay the exhibition of the modern Hungarian art was opened under the title "MOTHER OF GOD”. Twenty six artists that were....

Boris Kyzma. An exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of 25 years of creative activity.
Date pub: 02.07.2011 23:16

  On Thursday, June, 30 in the Uzhgorod castle  the personal exhibition of  Boris Kyzma was opened.

  Within the framework of opening the exhibition there also was a.....