Personal exhibition by Vitaly Hryhoryev

Date pub: 24.08.2013 11:09

   Exhibition of Vitaly Hryhoryev’s works was opened in the "Uzhgorod" gallery. Graduate of St. Petersburg Repin Academic Institute Hryhoryev works with a unique technique not typical for Transcarpathian school of painting. That’s going to be a discovery for the audience.
   Portraits and still lifes - a special accuracy and responsibility in the transfer of form and essence of the subject and human are the artist’s features whose name is not very known in Transcarpathia, but well known abroad. For example, several of his paintings adorn the walls of the presidential Gorbachev’s residence in Foros and the works of the master are admired by the visitors of exhibitions in America, Germany, Austria and other countries.

   The viewer will have a nice opportunity to admire the works of Vitaly Hryhoryev. Three painting schools, three powerful artistic streams: Moldovan one helped to choose a specialty, Russian one which gave academic training and the Ukrainian one which helped with the implementation.

   Vitaly Hryhoryev does not like to make personal exhibitions. "First of all I paint slowly, and it takes a long time to collect the work for the exhibition, and secondly, the exhibition is a hard task to do when you are open in front of the public and it is not easy," - the artist says.