Geometry Of Vasil Sochka

Date pub: 01.11.2011 18:50

Works of the artist Vasyl Sochka immediately impress with their unexpected presence, but if you come closer – you’ll see that they absorb all the attention, let themselves in and leave a strange feeling opposite to something rare, a special harmony of transformations and metamorphoses.

  On the Sochka’s exhibitions there is charm and constructive grace, coordination and release of tension, free flow of polished surfaces, as they are born in a small workshop that is full of frames of initiated figures, paper models and modules. They are born from the thinking of the intellectual penetration and the feeling of artistic attainment, with a combination of analytical mind and creative spirit. Sochka willingly shows to everybody how to do what he does, but however no one dares to try.

  Vasyl Sochka studied in the Uzhgorod boarding school № 2, where he preferred physics, chemistry, biology and geometry. He also painted, and even for six months visited the studio of Zoltan Bakoniy. Parents enrolled Vasyl in a music school, but when one teacher behaved rudely to the fellow, it was enough to cause disgust to the music lessons and violin.

  Finally the young man decided to trust his craving for Natural Sciences and entered in 1967 to the Department of Physics, at the Uzhgorod State University. Physical faculty lasted six months. Then - military service, and on his return - the last attempt to get higher education, which resulted in a year of study in general engineering departments. There was his favorite geometry, but the study also was a dead end.

  Vasyl worked at the commercial plant, at the association of restaurants and cafes, for a long time was a driver, carved wood souvenirs. He was studying himself and preserved, as he says, a clear mind. He read a lot of literature.

  All his interests and studies eventually led to the final decision - to do creative work and to devote all his time only to the art.
  All this richness in his figures arises from the cutting little pieces of wood that have only one millimeter in thickness, searching of module - the original triangle, and pasting it all together. The basic materials - wood: ash, hornbeam, beech, cherry, plum, nut, bamboo and lilac.
  Works of
Sochka always have a deep vision of nature forms, ease of flying, beauty, exquisite perfection of surface of the composition. The exhibits are so perfect that one might desire the opposite - some roughness and severity, but then you guess that it isn’t a shape of the people’s world human emotions and conflicts. This is the perfect world, timeless and with resonate emotions. These are stopped moments, which are known to be beautiful, perfect and ideal, and it can be stopped only by the artist. The artist who knows the beauty of mathematics and the beauty of poetry. The artist who is heading to his harmony.

Mykhaylo Syrokhman