The exhibition "MOTHER OF GOD”

Date pub: 14.07.2011 19:40

  On July, 7, 2011 in the large hall of the Transcarpathian Regional Artistic Museum of Y. Bokshay the exhibition of the modern Hungarian art was opened under the title "MOTHER OF GOD”. Twenty six artists that were presenting their works on the exhibition "Mother of God" in a gallery "Forrás" in Budapest, took inspiration from different sources. The visions and feelings are demonstrated for the Uzhgorod public by the Hungarian sculptors and painters.

 The exhibition will travel through seven countries of the Carpathians region, through twenty cities. It is the collective action of the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum of Y. Bokshay and the Budapest Gallery "Forrás".

 To support the leading idea of display, the Transcarpathian Art Museum made its contribution from the collection of museum together with artistic intellectuals. Thanks to the efforts of the museum employees and leading Transcarpathian artists the public was shown the extended display under the title "The motives of God’s Mother in works of the well-known Transcarpathians artists, sculptors of ХХth century". There are following works on display : Y.Bokshay, A. Erdely, V.Svyda, A. Boretsky, G.Roshkovich, M.Romanyshyn, V.Prykhodko, P.Balla, V.Cherepanya, A.Kashay, V.Mykyta, Y.Gerts, Z. Michka, B.Kyzma, T.Danylych, M.Belen, M.Belen-Puglyk, Y.Bodnar, M.Pyjter, I.Didyk, F.Erfan, M.Gretsko, V.Pavlyshyn, A.Kovach, O.Trishchuk, M.Dzys-Vojnarovsky, V.Brenzovich, A. Brenzovich, V.Brenzovich jr.

The exhibition will last till July, 30, 2011.