The Retrospective exhibition of pictures of Andriy Kotska

Date pub: 28.05.2011 17:52

  On Thursday, May, 27th in Uzhgorod, in the Transcarpathian Artistic museum of Y. Bokshay the retrospective exhibition of pictures of  Andriy Kotska  was opened, devoted to the100 years from the day of birth of the artist. The presented pictures of artist are selected from the funds of museum of А. Kotska, museum of Y. Bokshay and private collections.

 The exhibition will last till June 15, 2011.

"Bright, sincere and skilful. That, who tried to  show the character of Verkhovynska  Madonna, that, who gave the new expression to the  Transcarpathian landscape.  Such was Andriy Kotska  -  a star from the pleiad of the most prominent talents of Transcarpathia. He is one of those artists, who was distinguished by many abilities and abilities that deserve Europe.

Victor Zluva

Translated from Ukrainian into English by Tatyana Danich.