Palette of Anton Kashshay

Date pub: 03.05.2011 23:24

  On tuesday, may 03, in Uzhgorod in the Transcarpathian Art Museum of Y.Bokshay opened an exhibition  "Palette of Anton Kashshay".

  The exhibition will run until 20 May 2011.

 "Anton Кashay was an incredible artist. He inspired the others with the energy and optimism. In the circle of contemporaries he was distinguished by some "Europeanness" and society charm, and his pictures – by internal freedom and bright force.

 For his long life, works of Anton Kashay travelled all over the world, they were presented in Tretiakov Gallery, in the Pushkin museum, in the Kyiv museum of fine art  and actually in all regional museums of Ukraine, and also in the Ukrainian museums and galleries in Canada, America, Japan, Italy, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and in many other countries. In Canada there is a personal gallery of the artist in Toronto.

Elena Kashshay,

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