Dedicated to the 120th Anniversary from the day of birth of Adalbert Erdelyi

Date pub: 28.05.2011 17:46

  On the May, 25th there were 120 years from the day of birth of Adalbert Еrdely -artist, teacher, writer, art critic, founder of Transcarpathian Artistic school.

 "In artistic space of Ukraine, which is rich on bright individualities, there are only a few names,  that can force the hypnotic influence on specialists and on wide public. Among these names you can find the name of the Uzhgorod painter Adalbert Erdely.

The artist that presented Transcarpathian Artistic school inoculated European taste and respect to our land, an intellectual person that realized the appropriate evolution of artistic form and remained as one of the prominent figures in history of art of ХХ century.

Olga Petrova"

Photos are used from the album "Adalbert Erdely", published by O.Garkusha