Date pub: 31.05.2017 16:58

On 20 March, in Uzhhorod, in the atrium of the Regional State Administration it was started a large-scale art project with exhibition “Genesis”. It provides for carrying out of the series of exhibitions of leading artists from all regions of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian artists of neighbouring countries within two years. The organizers of the project are Regional Department of Culture, Charity Foundation Art Commonwealth "Today", European Congress of Ukrainians, Consulates General of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland. 

  The first in the series "Genesis" were the artists of neighbouring Lviv region who in recent years for various reasons were not the frequent visitors of Uzhhorod. Therefore, Transcarpathians and guests of the land have an opportunity to see something different from traditionally exhibited art content.
  Generally, the exposition doesn`t demand any special comments. 26 authors presented a variety of art approaches, techniques, as should be at an exhibition. Perhaps, there is rather small space for works in the atrium, which is not really adapted for exhibitions, but each work is so expressive that all the rest fades into the background. It is the very reason for the list of authors to be mentioned in any order, but the alphabetic one is the most convenient. These are such artists as A. Atoian, A. Bereza, V. Bohuslavskyi, L. Bohuslavska, B. Buriak, S. Hai, L. Davydenko, M. Demtsiu, N. Zastavna, O. Zvir, O. Krokhmaliuk, S. Mikhnovskyi, I. Ostafiichuk, I. Palii, I. Protsiv, V. Protsiv, O. Protsiv, N. Pukhinda, S. Savchenko, P. Sypniak, P. Smetana, R. Spalynskyi, M. Stupinskyi, V. Tryntsolyn, I. Turetskyi, O. Fedoruk, R. Yatsiv.
  Each viewer will receive his pleasure from meditative or explosive painting, from abstracted or realistic compositions, from unexpected metaphors, poetic scenes or constructive force, and all this is just a high level of conception and implementation.
Text: M. Syrokhman. Photos: O. Yurchenko