Date pub: 15.03.2017 12:37

 Regional exhibition, opened on 24 February 2017 at “Uzhhorod” gallery became not only interesting, rich in authors, various in styles and techniques, and more graphic than such previous exhibitions. It is obvious, that this benefited from the influx of young people, who in recent years increasingly represent their works at the exhibitions. Apparently, quantity changed into quality. Moreover, the exhibition of graphic art will be held without watercolourists, who will soon receive the first individual exhibition of watercolour painting. It is not excluded that such a decision will be also made by artists who work with pastels.

In general, it was exhibited 86 works. Not for the first time their exciting graphic works were represented by such young artists as Vladyslav Horbunov, Yuliia Hahel, Oleksandr Kofelia, Anhelina Hafynets, Nataliia Moskalova, Serhii Lakatosh, Serhii Zavadiaka, as well as the following experienced artists Ivan Didyk, Borys Kuzma, Odarka Dolhosh, Yurii Kopanskyi, Vasyl Vovchok, Liudmyla Borshosh-Litun, Viktoriia Kuzma, Viacheslav Vinkovskyi, Viktor Andrianov, Ivan Zhupan, Yurii Bodnar, Mykhailo Peitera, Ivan Klisa.

Interesting were the new works – black-and-white and colour works of O. Potrohosh, photographs of Diana Shetelia, compositions of Y. Ukrainets and new works by Yuliia Yehorova, Oleksandra Fedoryshyna, Y. Bodnar. Active were also the students of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts Evelina Paulo, Karina Pavlyk, Nataliia Kovchar.

The exhibition “Graphic Transcarpathia” was attended by the following artists: I. Didyk, B. Kuzma, A. Dolhosh, M. Dzys-Voinarovskyi, V. Skakandii, Y. Kopanskyi, V. Vovchok, L. Borshosh-Litun, V. Kuzma, V. Vinkovskyi, V. Andrianov, I. Zhupan, Y. Bodnar, M. Peiter, I. Klisa, V. Horbunov, Y. Hahel, O. Kofel, A. Hafynets, N. Moskalova, S. Lakatosh, S. Zavadiak, O. Potrohosh, D. Shetelia, Y. Dulenko, Y. Ukrainets, Y. Yehorova, D. Yehorova, O. Fedoryshyna, Y. Bodnar, E. Paulo, K. Pavlyk, N. Kovchar, A. Pavuk, E. Levadska, M. Ivancho, O. Lypchei, M. Malesh, B. Vashkovych, D. Shetelia, T. Zadorozhnia, P.Marynets, L. Likhtei, K. Mykhailov, O. Storozhuk, D. Kovalenko. Text: Mykhailol Syrokhman. Photo: Oksana Yurchenko