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On the other side of the easel of Janos Reiti
Date pub: 07.12.2016 11:28

  Janos Reiti– a painter, graphic artist, laureate of the regional prize of Y. Bokshai and A. Erdeli. A disciple of the famous Transcarpathian teachers of drawing – Shandor Petki and Vilmosh Berets. He had a warm and friendly relationship with the famous Transcarpathian avant-gardist and nonconformist – the late Ferenc Seman (Osci). He is an artist of colorful appearance, with a fluffy beard, white hair and grey mustache twisted in semicircle and for it he was nicknamed Franz Joseph among friends, with twinkle dancing in the narrowed eyes. As his former friend Osci Seman, Janos Reiti chose the life and work path of a free artist.

The artist`s studio, literally littered with canvases, frames, paint accessories and paper stacks, can see the multifaceted work of the artist can be seen: still lifes, landscapes, abstractions, sketches... But the master still gives preference to the graphic arts. He is an active participant of collective exhibitions, mostly foreign. He annually exhibits at the international graphic arts exposition in Subotica (Serbia).

Among the personages of his paintings the characters of ancient Greek myths and allegories of the zodiac are prevalent: centaurs, nymphs, furies, dryads, etc. The central place is given to women, which is in no way strange. After all, as the author himself states: “When I see a beautiful woman, my soul awakes and my life makes sense thanks to the beauty that should be noticed..."


"Picturesque singer of verkhovyna. ”Exhibition of Andrii Kotska in Rivne
Date pub: 06.12.2016 16:24

 From 23 November, 2016 till 29 January, 2017 the gallery of European painting “Euro-Art” in Rivne hosted an exhibition of Andrii Kotska (1911-1987) - classic of Transcarpathian school of painting, People`s Artist of Ukraine.

The exposition consists of private collections of Ukraine, including 27 works of the painter (portraits, landscapes, still-lifes), which represent a wide chronological range of works of the prominent master - from the 30`s to the 80`s of the XX century.

(Photo: "Euro Art" gallery,

“Four summers” in winter. Anniversary exhibition of Liudmyla Korzh-Radko
Date pub: 05.12.2016 15:06

 "Four summers" is the very name of the winter jubilee vernissage of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Liudmyla Korzh-Radko (born in 1956).

Personal exhibition of the famous Transcarpathian artist and teacher was opened on 2 December 2016 at “Uzhhorod” gallery and will last almost two weeks. The exhibition consists of almost 40 works that were painted over the last four years. The pictures are different in content, style, and color, but they share a lot of blossom and warm light. They are full of bright and expressive, but such light and transparent colors.

The works are excited and, at the same time, calming. The woman depicted on the canvases in the midst of feelings, is gracefully variable, with her moods and emotions, although outwardly she seems so calm...


The Crimea through the eyes of painters
Date pub: 24.11.2016 12:31


Within the framework of all-Ukrainian campaign “The Crimea is Ukraine” in the Transcarpathian Art Museum Named after Y. Bokshai, it is held a thematic exhibition of art works. It presents paintings on the “Crimean issues”, created at the different time of visiting the Peninsula by the famous Soviet, Ukrainian and Transcarpathian artists. Among them are the works of People’s Artists of Ukraine Fedir Manailo (1910 - 1978), Viacheslav Prykhodko (1940-2011), Mykola Hlushchenko (1901-1977), Serhii Hryhoriev (1910-1988); Honored Artist of Ukraine Zoltan Sholtes (1909-1975), as well as famous authors of the Soviet period and the present times (Mykhailo Zaiets, Yosyp Babynec, Stepan Koshevyi, Serhii Otroshchenko, etc.).

The sculptor Bohdan Korzh
Date pub: 22.11.2016 11:47

The sculptor Bohdan Korzh.

His studio is similar to the workshop of an alchemist and an amazing museum, where the creative space is a variety of things, works and tools, covered with marble dust. The owner of this place – Bohdan Korzh, famous Transcarpathian sculptor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He was born in 1952 in the Czech Republic. Lives and works in Uzhhorod. The range of his interests, creative abilities and genre diversity is impressive. He is the author of more than two thousand works in the genres of portrait sculpture, medal art, small forms sculpture, landscape and monumental sculpture. His works can be found in numerous museums in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt and other countries. 

Bohdan Korzh held 16 personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. His favorite materials are stone and bronze. The specificity of his works is in the purity of forms and symbolism that give the viewer the opportunity to mentally finish the image and become its co-author.

P.S. Soon, 28 November, Bohdan Korzh will celebrate his 64th birthday. “ZakarpatArt” foundation sincerely congratulates him on this occasion.