Art exhibition KarpatArt

The studio of Taras Danylych
Date pub: 09.01.2017 14:10

 The People`s Artist of Ukraine Taras Danylych (born in 1945) lives and works in his native picturesque Dubrynychi village, Perechyn raiyon. He was taught as a woodcarver and in this role came into the arts, however, he got his true recognition as a painter.

The artist`s studio is surprisingly neat and cosy. Moreover, his home, yard and the entire household have the same look. It is obvious that this neatness and orderliness is a hallmark of character and creative style of the artist, who is very hospitable, friendly and an interesting companion as well.

The artist works in the technique of tempera and oil easel painting. He is known primarily as the author of the multi-figure narrative compositions, from which one can learn the geography and ethnography of Transcarpathia. Looking at his paintings, you immerse in the beautiful world of the Carpathians and valleys for a long time, becoming an unwitting participant of people`s life, work, traditional ceremonies and festivals. Dozens characters of picturesque scenes of the master are painted with true authenticity with no accidental or impersonal figures. Everything depicted in the paintings of the artist lives its own real life! Most of the characters, architectural monuments, landscape and narrative compositions are not fictional. The artist travels a lot around Transcarpathia and everything, in which he becomes interested, the master depicts on paper with a pencil. Drawing sketches, he talks to people a lot, watches their daily life, notes a variety of situations and scenes. Consequently, in the filigree Bruegel’s manner he represents everything in his paintings. Even a few cockerels living in the household of the artist became heroes of the colourful series of paintings “Hazda”.

Being deeply in love with his native land and its people, the People`s Artist Taras Danylych keeps on his creative work, while, along with painting, he is engaged in decoration of the iconostasis of the local church.


The studio of Mykhailo Khodanych
Date pub: 09.01.2017 13:48

 Uzhhorod citizen Mykhailo Khodanych works in wooden easel sculpture, decorative carving, easel graphics and occasionally painting. He is one of the authors of “chimeric zoo” in Svoboda Avenue in Uzhhorod, which caused considerable resonance. Being 35 years old, he is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He is the graduate of Uzhhorod College of Arts named after A. Erdeli and Lviv Academy of Arts, disciple of the famous artists – Ivan Masniuk, Yosyp Pala, Mykola Boldyzhara, Ihor Stefiuk, Mykhailo Mykhailiuk... However he considers his first teacher and advisor to be his father Petro Khodanych, well- known Transcarpathian writer and sculptor, master of wood carving.

Humble and favourite teacher of the students of Transcarpathian Art Academy, he doesn`t like to work in silence, he prefers interesting music. His studio is filled with wood and variety of tools, his work table and floor are in shavings. And what a flavor here! It has its own magic, as the graphic art reveals the beauty of human body: bends of the neck, back, shoulders ... He explores human body and, therefore, the imagery of human body prevailed in the works of Mykhailo Khodanych. He says: an ant is interested in ant and a man - in man.

His muse is his life, because it inspires. You can often see his works at the exhibitions and if it is wood – you can always know, but there are often creative and experimental surprises. And one can find it not only in Uzhhorod, but also in Kyiv, Lviv... He doesn`t have idols or postulates in art, he just works for himself. He likes Uzhhorod, but admires nature, mountains and especially flickering light in the labyrinths of the human souls.

“Meditation on glass” by Viktoria Kuzma
Date pub: 09.01.2017 12:19

The first anniversary exhibition of Uzhhorod artist Victoria Kuzma (born in 1976) has been opened on 16 December 2016 at the “Uzhhorod” gallery.

The creative collection of an artist, who is the member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the laureate of the regional prize named after Y. Bokshai and A. Erdeli, consists of around 30 works, painted mostly during the last 5 - 6 years. They are the works of different genres such as icon painting on glass, still lifes, genre scenes, including Christmas themes.

The name of the exhibition – “Meditations on glass” – aptly conveys the mood of the exhibition – smoothness and fluency of thoughts and feelings. Preserving the traditions of Hutsul and Romanian glass icon, the artist tries to give her characters a new language, a new compositional solution, successfully combines classical forms with elements of modernism. The saturation of color along with the transparency and tonal gradations of glass give her works new sound and special charm.

The exhibition of the artist will last two weeks.


Uzhgorod artists offer "Immersion" in Kiev
Date pub: 09.01.2017 10:51

 Uzhgorod artists offer "Immersion" in Kiev

on December 14 at 19.00 in the metropolitan art space "TseGlinaArt" in Kiev ( Naberezhnye Meadow str., 2-B) will be a presentation of the project "Immersion" by the artists from Uzhgorod Beata Korn and Victor Melnichuk.
The organizer of the exhibition is the Sky Art charity Foundation 
On this project will be presented art objects of art glass and ceramics, which the authors created during the year. Works with LED backlighting are strange shapes of different creatures of the underwater kingdom.

Christmas art exibition in Uzhhorod
Date pub: 09.01.2017 10:50

 Traditional winter exhibition of Transcarpathian artists’ works was opened on 28 December 2016 at “Uzhhorod” gallery. The exhibition is dedicated to the New Year and Christmas holidays and presents nearly 40 paintings of artists – members of the Transcarpathian Regional Organization of the National Union. The art fans can acquaint themselves with the works of Borys Kuzma, Taras Danylych, Liudmyla Korzh-Radko, Zoltan Mychka, Anton Kovach, Vladyslav Habda, Olena Kondratiuk, Vasyl Vovchok, Taras Usyk, Petro Sholtes, Volodymyr Pavlyshyn, Viktoriia Kuzma, Yurii Bodnar and many others. The exhibition will run during the winter holidays until 14 January 2017.