Art exhibition KarpatArt

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Formosphere by Mykolay Rogal
Date pub: 20.10.2010 22:13

The matter turns on the form. The form is its content. Multiplication of forms - the way of its existence. Forms volatile, constantly changing, rapturously excellent, various similar ...... M. Syrohman

Carpathian Genius - Fedir Manaylo
Date pub: 15.10.2010 17:12

Exhibition dedicated to the memory of Fedir Manaylo

Emotions of Vladislav Habda
Date pub: 10.10.2010 21:11

The exhibition of works by Vladislav Habda, the exhibition cover period of 2008-2010.

Grain of Anton Kashay
Date pub: 09.10.2010 22:17

Exhibition of paintings by Anton Kashshay from our photos archive.
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