Kondratyuk Olena

Kondratyuk Olena

Kondratyuk Olena
 Was born on March 27, 1958 in Zaporizhya.

 In 1981 she graduated Lviv State Institute of Arts and Crafts, Department of Clothing Design.

 A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 1999.


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Autor works Kondratyuk Olena

«Catalogue of paintings by Elena Kondratyuk»
«Sakura. Two tree»
«Speaking with the bird. 2008.»
«Meeting with the elk. 2008.»
«Playing with the beads. 2008.»
«Pisanku. 2011»
«Stolen happines. 2009»
«Golden fish. 2005»
«Woman in a blue interior. 2005»
«Spring. 2015»
«Still life .2015»

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