Babynets Yosyp

Babynets Yosyp

Babynets Yosyp
Was born on February 8, 1934 in the village of Zarichevo, Perechin, Transcarpathia.

In 1967 he graduated the I.Repin School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St.Petersburg, the department of Fine Arts History and Theory.

A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 1985.

 Articles and another info about the artist:

1. Joseph Babynets. Life in search of beauty and harmony

Autor works Babynets Yosyp

«Pikyj mountain»
«Carpatian mountains. 1973.»
«Near the village»
«Etnographic museum»
«Still life»
«Outumn landscape»
«Uzh river»
«Landscape in winter»

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