Hlyuk Havrylo

Hlyuk Havrylo

Hlyuk Havrylo (1912-1983)

 Was born in Siget, Romania.
 In 1933 he graduated Budapest Academy of Fine Arts.

 A member of the Union of Moldavian Artists since 1947, member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 1954.

 Honoured Artist of Ukraine (1968).

 In 1958 he was awarded a Great Silver Medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels for his painting “The woodcutters”.


See Gluk`s painting here.


Autor works Hlyuk Havrylo

«Gluk G. Art`s & life.»
«In the village. 1978»
«September. 1971»
«Lumberjack. 1952»

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