Bedzir Pavlo

Bedzir Pavlo

Bedzir Pavlo (1926-2002)
Was born on January 27, 1926 in the village of Kalyny, Tyachiv, Transcarpathia.

In 1946 he graduated Uzhhorod College of Applied Arts, Department of Painting.

A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 1968.

He died in 2002 in Uzhgorod . 

Articles and another info about the artist:

1. 10-th anniversary of the death of the famous Transcarpathian artist Pavel Bedzir

2. The history of the artist Bedzir  which talks about the life of generations


Autor works Bedzir Pavlo

«Composition #1»
«Composition #2»
«Composition #3»
«Moon light, 1980»

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