Sholtes Zoltan

Sholtes Zoltan

Sholtes Zoltan

 Was born on July 21, 1909 in the village of Prykopa.

 In 1932 he graduated Uzhhorod Public School of Painting.

 In 1933 he graduated Uzhhorod Greek-Catholic Theological College.

 A member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 1946.

 Honoured Artist of Ukraine (1975).

Autor works Sholtes Zoltan

«Mourning in mountain`s road»
«Autumn in Transcarpathia»
«Autumn in Transcarpathia»
«Carpathians landscape. 1925»
«Carpathian`s landscape in winter»
«Raining. 1980-s»

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