Belen-Puhlyk Magdalyna

Belen-Puhlyk Magdalyna

 Belen-Puhlyk Magdalyna

  Born on 4th march 1951 in Nevitske village Transcarpathian region.

  1973 - graduated the Department of Ceramic Art, Uzhgorod Scool for Applied Art.

  1977 - member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

  2005 - member of the National Union of Designers of Ukraine.

  Winner of the Y.Bokshay and A.Erdely regional prize

Articles and another info about the artist:

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2. Magdalena Puhlyk- Belen: "I just live art"

3. The mystery of creativity of Magdalene Puglik- Belen

4. Unquenchable passion for art

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